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£80 million boost for green shipping spells fresh opportunities for produce industry

In a landmark decision, the UK government has allocated £80 million for research and development, aiming to fast-track the adoption of eco-friendly technologies within the maritime sector.

This initiative not only promises to revolutionise green shipping but also holds significant potential benefits for the fresh produce industry.

Leading the Way in Innovation

Companies like Artemis Technologies and Tidal Transit Ltd are among those set to benefit from this funding. Artemis is developing electric ferries, which could offer more sustainable transport options for fresh produce between islands and mainland Britain. Tidal Transit is working on electrifying vessels used for offshore wind farms, a move that could indirectly benefit the energy-intensive cold storage and transport of fresh produce.

Zero Emissions: A Boon for Fresh Produce

The funding comes from the ZEVI fund, designed to support projects that can make a long-term impact in reducing carbon emissions. For the fresh produce sector, this could mean more sustainable logistics solutions, including zero-emission vessels that could transport goods by 2025, thus reducing the carbon footprint of food transportation.

Job Creation and Carbon Savings

The Zero Emission Network of Workboats, one of the projects under this initiative, estimates a reduction of 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over three years. Such environmental benefits could extend to the fresh produce industry by offering greener shipping alternatives. Moreover, Portsmouth International Port projects that the funding will significantly expand its workforce, potentially creating more jobs in the logistics side of the fresh produce sector.

A Sustainable Postal Service

The Thames Clipper project aims to introduce a 100% electric fast vessel for delivering Amazon parcels. This innovation could be adapted for quick, emission-free deliveries of fresh produce within the Thames region.

A Comprehensive Strategy

This funding is part of the broader UK SHORE programme, which has a £206 million budget aimed at reducing shipping emissions. The initiative aligns well with the fresh produce industry's increasing focus on sustainability and carbon-neutral operations.

Industry Endorsements

Chris Shirling-Rooke, the CEO of Maritime UK, and Sarah Treseder, CEO of the UK Chamber of Shipping, have both praised the initiative. They highlight that the maritime sector already supports 650,000 jobs and that this funding could further strengthen the industry, including the logistics of fresh produce transportation.


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