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Aberdeenshire Farmers Protest Against Pylon Project

Farmers across Aberdeenshire staged a "tractor run" in protest of SSEN's proposed construction of new electricity pylons through the region.

The proposed East Coast project would establish a power line network between Kintore and Tealing.

On Sunday, 25 farmers embarked on a 15-mile route mirroring the proposed pylon path, terming the project "devastating."

The demonstration traversed Durris, Drumoak, Echt, and Dunecht, culminating in Leylodge, the planned site for a new substation.

Eileen West of the campaign group Deeside Against Pylons, emphasised the adverse impact the pylons would have on farming operations, presenting safety hazards and logistical burdens to farmers.

She added: "They'll have to be very careful about their own safety, of their machinery going around them.

"They all turned up on a pretty grim day, the farmers are all behind on their crops, but for them to turn up on a day like this shows the appetite for protest."

SSEN Transmission maintains that the energy infrastructure upgrade is vital to achieving net-zero targets and ensuring energy security.

They have expressed a commitment to mitigating the negative impacts on the environment, land use, and local communities.


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