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Aldi Announces Dramatic UK Expansion Plan

Aldi has announced an ambitious expansion plan in the UK, aiming to open 500 new stores. This initiative is part of their long-term strategy to increase their presence to 1,500 stores across the country. The expansion is driven by the growing demand for Aldi's presence in every corner of the UK.

To facilitate this expansion, Aldi has established a new national real estate team, led by Jonathan Neale, the Managing Director of Real Estate. The team's primary role is to identify suitable locations for the new stores. They are particularly focusing on freehold sites in town centres or on the outskirts of towns, ideally covering around 1.5 acres to accommodate a 20,000 square foot store with approximately 100 parking spaces.

While Aldi is keen on expanding in London and the South East, with plans for 200 new stores, they are also exploring opportunities across the UK, from Glasgow to Worthing.

Jonathan Neale, who has over two decades of experience with Aldi, including a previous role as a real estate director, emphasised the significance of this expansion. He stated, "This year we opened our landmark 1,000th store, and we have the most ambitious expansion plans of any major supermarket."

Neale further added, "Centralising our real estate team and making it easier for the real estate sector to deal with Aldi is the first step in accelerating progress towards our goal of opening a further 500 new stores.

"We have clear, consistent requirements and want to partner with landowners, landlords, and developers. Listening to the sector, we know that our new national team will make it easier for people to work with us.

"We are now set up to have the kind of agility needed to find and deliver the sites and schemes that will help us to bring our amazing quality and unbeatable value to every town and community in the country."


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