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Aldi Leads the Pack in British Apple Sales, Outshining Major Supermarkets

Aldi has emerged as the leading supermarket in the sale of new season British apples, surpassing its competitors in the support of domestic top fruit. According to the latest figures from British Apples & Pears Limited (BAPL), Aldi sold a remarkable 20% (9,096 tonnes) of all UK apples purchased from BAPL growers in the first quarter of the 2023/4 season.

This performance significantly exceeds Aldi's overall market share of 9.3%.

Lidl also demonstrated strong support for British apples, selling 17% (7,726 tonnes) of all BAPL apples, surpassing its 7.7% share in the grocery market.

Sainsbury’s, too, showed commendable backing, buying 17% (7,863 tonnes) of all BAPL apples, which is more than its 15.8% grocery market share.

In contrast, Tesco, once the leader in this area, lagged behind in the first quarter, purchasing 18% (8,412 tonnes) of all BAPL apples, which falls short of its 27.6% grocery market share. Asda was noted as another underperformer, buying just 5% (2,210 tonnes) of BAPL apples, despite having a 13.6% share in the market.

Ali Capper, BAPL's executive chair, commented on the significance of the new British apple season for growers and the strong support from many supermarkets. She noted that despite a good performance later in the season, Tesco's slow start meant it couldn't catch up with its competitors in the British apple sales league for the first quarter.

Capper praised Aldi, Lidl, and Sainsbury’s for significantly outperforming their grocery market shares and showing robust support for British top fruit.

Capper also mentioned that the volume of the 2023/24 British apple crop is expected to be average, slightly lower than the bumper yields of 2022/23.

She expressed delight that Aldi and Sainsbury’s have both agreed to introduce a four-pack of British apples, a move that will help extend the availability of the picked British apple crop and provide shoppers with access to home-grown apples for a longer period.

The initiative is hoped to be followed by other UK supermarkets soon.


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