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Aldi's new lorries turn young artists' fresh produce visions into rolling masterpieces

Aldi, in partnership with Team GB and ParalympicsGB, has recently showcased lorries adorned with vibrant artwork, a result of a nationwide contest aimed at young creatives. This initiative falls under Aldi’s enduring ‘Get Set To Eat Fresh’ campaign, underscoring the significance of indulging in fresh and nutritious produce.

Children aged five to 14 from across the nation were invited to participate, crafting artwork that accentuates the allure and nutritional value of fresh, sustainable produce. The objective was to kindle a widespread affinity for healthier dietary choices, with triumphant entries hailing from England, Wales, and Scotland.

The winning participants, Joshua from Greater Manchester, Victoria from Edinburgh, and Sara from Barry, have had their captivating, produce-inspired art displayed on Aldi’s delivery lorries. These moving pieces of art are not just a testament to the children’s creativity but also serve as roaming ambassadors advocating for healthier eating habits.

In honour of their achievements, the adorned lorries paid a visit to the winners’ educational institutions. ParalympicsGB and Team GB athletes, including Melanie Woods, Sam Cross, and Emily Campbell, personally congratulated the winners, presenting them with exclusive prizes and a £100 voucher for Aldi. The winners’ schools were also beneficiaries, each receiving a £1,000 grant to support health and creativity-oriented programmes.

Jemma Townsend, Aldi’s Marketing Director, shared her enthusiasm, “The ‘Design a Lorry’ contest, facilitated by our alliance with Team GB and ParalympicsGB, underscores our dedication to instilling healthy eating values amongst youngsters. Amidst a sea of over 12,000 splendid entries, the artwork of Joshua, Victoria, and Sara, infused with fresh produce themes, captured our judges’ admiration. We are eager for these travelling art pieces to inspire a nation to embrace fresh, nutritious food choices.”

Initiated in 2015, the ‘Get Set To Eat Fresh’ campaign has enlightened more than two million youngsters about the essentials of consuming fresh produce. With the unveiling of these artistically enriched lorries, Aldi is poised to amplify its message, inspiring a generation to adopt a diet abundant in fresh, healthful ingredients.


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