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Aldi Slashes Prices on Fruit and Veg in Major UK Discount Drive

Aldi has initiated a significant price reduction across its fruit and vegetable selection in the UK, marking the most substantial set of discounts the retailer has introduced this year.

The price cuts encompass over 50 products including berries, grapes, tomatoes, apples, and ready-to-eat salads, affecting approximately a quarter of its produce range. On average, prices have been reduced by 7%.

Julie Ashfield, Aldi's Managing Director of Buying, stated, "This year, our goal is to lower prices more than we ever have before, enabling our customers to benefit from the lowest possible prices."

She further highlighted Aldi's commitment to making healthy and diverse diets affordable for everyone, noting that while many customers are initially drawn by the low prices, they remain for the award-winning quality of the products.

Recent studies have shown that the average adult in the UK does not meet their recommended five-a-day intake, managing only four times a week.

In response, Aldi has compiled a collection of recipes featuring various fruits and vegetables to inspire healthier cooking habits across the nation.

Additionally, Aldi has increased its spending with British suppliers by £1.3 billion in 2023, ensuring that over three-quarters of the items available in its stores are sourced from local suppliers.

This move is part of Aldi's broader strategy to support responsible procurement and the British economy.


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