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Ammonia-fuelled maritime innovation: Yara Eyde set to sail in 2026

In a significant advancement for sustainable maritime transport, Yara International has announced that the maiden voyage of the pioneering ammonia-fuelled containership, named Yara Eyde, has been scheduled for 2026.

Ammonia-fuelled containership
Yara Eyde; Image credit Yara

This vessel, a collaborative effort between Yara Clean Ammonia and NorthSea Container Line, represents a leap forward in the quest for zero-emission shipping solutions.

The joint venture, NCL Oslofjord AS, has been established to manage the operations of this innovative ship, with the ambition of becoming the premier operator of ammonia-powered container vessels. The Norwegian government, through Enova, has allocated approximately 40 million Norwegian Kroner to support this groundbreaking project.

The Yara Eyde is designed not only to run on pure ammonia but also to incorporate a 250 kWh battery pack and the capability to connect to shore power, further enhancing its environmental credentials. The ship's deployment is contingent upon finalising binding agreements and securing the requisite regulatory approvals.

Once operational, the Yara Eyde will ply between Norway and Germany, creating the first emission-free maritime route to the European continent. The route will connect Oslo, Brevik, Hamburg, and Bremerhaven, optimising trade between Norway and Europe.

Svein Tore Holsether, CEO of Yara International, emphasised the urgency of addressing the climate crisis and highlighted the company's commitment to reducing emissions through innovative collaborations. Following the Yara Birkeland, the world's first autonomous electric container ship, the Yara Eyde is poised to extend the zero-emission value chain further into Europe.

The initiative is expected to reduce emissions by 11,000 tonnes of CO2 annually, according to Yara's estimates. Bente Hetland of North Sea Container Line noted the growing demand for emission-reducing solutions and the competitive edge that emission-free logistics would offer to cargo owners in the region.

Yara Clean Ammonia is set to supply the Yara Eyde with either fossil-free or near carbon-free ammonia. In partnership with Azane Fuel Solutions, plans are underway to establish a bunkering network to facilitate the availability of pure ammonia in Norwegian and eventually Scandinavian ports, in line with Norway's emission reduction goals.

Azane is poised to create the world's first ammonia bunkering network, with Yara Clean Ammonia having pre-ordered 15 units. The collaboration aims to utilise renewable energy sources or natural gas with high CO2 capture rates to produce ammonia, thereby significantly reducing maritime carbon emissions.

Magnus Krogh Ankarstrand, head of Yara Clean Ammonia, underscored the potential of pure ammonia as a maritime fuel and its role in demonstrating the feasibility of ammonia in the maritime sector.


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