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Angus Soft Fruits create royal masterpiece

The producer unveiled the World’s Largest Strawberry Crown yesterday (11 July) marking the arrival of their latest strawberry variety onto shelves.

The royal masterpiece by Angus Soft Fruits measures 30 inches in diameter, is 31 inches in height and weighs 8kg.

The crown used more than 400 AVA Magnum strawberries and took more than 50 hours to craft.

The impressive structure has been created by food artist, Prudence Staite – known for her impressive collection of designs.

The Crown was inspired by the St Edward’s Crown, which was used in this year’s Coronation.

Replicating details of the crown, Prudence used AVA Magnum berries to craft the velvet cap and strawberry flowers for the Ermine band.

As well as celebrating the Scottish strawberry season, it pays homage to the closing days of His Majesty’s inaugural Wimbledon – which strawberries are the symbolic fruit of.

Organisers estimate around two million strawberries are eaten during the championships, and the fruit reaches is peak annual sale.

Britain is a nation of strawberry connoisseurs, with more than 87,000 tons of UK grown fruit sold every year across the country.

Known for its flavour, sweetness, and quality, the berry is exclusively grown by a group of growers in the north-east coast of Scotland.

The varieties of AVA Berries have been carefully bred to prioritise flavour, appearance, yield and sustainability.

Jill Witheyman, Head of Marketing at Angus Soft Fruits, commented: “It felt fitting for us to celebrate His Majesty’s Coronation year and inaugural Wimbledon, where the nation comes together to savour strawberries, with this incredible piece of art.

“The strawberries will now be skilfully transformed into strawberry jam and gifted to friends of AVA Berries.”


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