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Another Border Force strike looming

The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union has announced that another Civil Service industrial action is proposed to start on 1 February and will impact Border Force operations across the UK.

The proposed strike will affect all international arrivals at all UK airports and maritime ports. This means that all travellers planning to come to the UK from the 1st of next month (February 2023) may face queuing for longer hours at border control.

If this proposed strike action goes ahead, it will be the second in less than two months and will affect all international UK airports and maritime ports across the country.

The first happened at the peak of the Christmas holidays (23-31 December 2022) when all major airports in the country, including Birmingham (BHX), Cardiff (EGFF), Glasgow (GLA), London Heathrow (LHR), London Gatwick (LGW), and Manchester (MAN) were affected.

With no headway between the PCS union and the government, another one looms unless a conclusive compromise is reached before D-day.

A Home Office official stated: “As you’d expect, accurate queue time data can take some time to gather and check, however, if you are travelling during the proposed strike dates, be prepared for longer wait times.

"There are multiple factors that might influence wait times, including an increase in passenger numbers, flight delays and flight bunching. Weather delays and other ad hoc incidents can also impact border control queues.”

The government will deploy volunteers, military personnel, and civil servants as they did last month to assist and replace Border Force agents on 1 February.


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