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Asda launches new vertically farmed range of salads

A novel line of British salads, branded as "Homegrown," is making its exclusive debut at Asda this week, with a unique selling point: all produce is vertically farmed.

The assortment comprises three distinct offerings: an 80g Mixed Salad, a 60g Rocket, and an 80g Hot & Peppery Cress. These will be available for purchase online and in 270 Asda locations across the UK, commencing Monday, 4th September.

The CEO of Jones Food Company, the firm behind Homegrown, stated, "We're overjoyed to roll out Homegrown via Asda, especially as both companies are advocates for the substantial environmental gains of vertical farming.

"Every leaf in our salad range is UK-grown, capitalising on vertical farming's lower carbon footprint compared to traditional methods or importing. We exclusively use renewable energy and our water consumption is 90% less than that of conventional farming. The speed from harvest to Asda's shelves guarantees unparalleled freshness."

Dom Edwards, Asda's Produce Director, added, "We're thrilled to be the first UK retailer to bring a vertically farmed salad range to the market on such a grand scale, both in physical stores and online. Beyond the clear sustainability advantages, vertical farming is impervious to weather fluctuations, which ensures a more stable supply and consistent quality for our customers."


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