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Aussie vegetable growers to tour Europe

In the wake of the Free Trade Agreement with the United Kingdom and as FTA negotiations with the European Union continue, a group of 13 Australian vegetable growers will study opportunities for exports to the market as part of an Australian Government-funded study tour.

Over two weeks during October, they will travel to Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, visiting trade shows, leading growers, equipment manufacturers, researchers and certification bodies.

The tour was organised by AUSVEG and has been funded by industry contributions and an Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) grant from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

A key goal of the ATMAC European Study Tour is to understand compliance and commercial drivers in European markets to maximise trade outcomes.

Lucy Gregg, AUSVEG National Public Affairs Manager, said it is critical to understand the social, economic and governance requirements in the EU and UK to grow Australian vegetable exports to those markets.

Lessons learnt from studying these markets will assist the vegetable industry in other markets and domestically.

“Europe, and the UK in particular, is at the forefront of global consumer and regulatory trends when it comes to food,” Gregg said. “Many trends first observed in the UK are soon adopted in Australia and other global markets where Australian produce is sold.”

The tour participants will also have an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in sustainable farming practices from leading growers, researchers and technology providers in the Netherlands and the UK.

Information and lessons from the tour will be communicated to the broader Australian vegetable industry by AUSVEG.


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