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Belgian Giant BelOrta Shines at FPC's Fresh Produce Section at IFE

The Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) made a significant impact at this year's International Food & Drink Event (IFE) with the introduction of its dedicated Fresh Produce section. The section proved immensely popular, and Belgian cooperative BelOrta has raved about the positive impact of being an exhibitor within this vibrant hub.

Didier Lepoutre and top chef Luciana Berry. Photo: Fresh Plaza

BelOrta, whose fresh produce reaches 75 countries worldwide, recognizes the growing UK market's potential. "The fresh produce focus at IFE is crucial for us," stated Didier Lepoutre, Export Manager at BelOrta.

"We're responding to increasing direct demand from the UK, and our presence here builds on the groundwork laid by our exporting partners in the country."

BelOrta's Ruby Red tomato, a sweet and eye-catching plum vine variety, stole the show. Renowned chefs like Luciana Berry creatively demonstrated its culinary potential. Alongside the Ruby Red, BelOrta's diverse offerings – strawberries, bell peppers, leeks, and Conference pears – drew widespread interest.

"Our aim is to raise BelOrta's profile in the UK and showcase the quality of our produce, especially the Ruby Red tomato," explained Lepoutre.

Nigel Jenney, Nicola Chessum and Emma Glanville

"FPC's Fresh Produce section at IFE provides the perfect platform. We're committed to supporting our UK partners and forging new connections within this dynamic market."

The success of FPC's Fresh Produce section at IFE underscores the UK's appetite for premium fruits and vegetables. BelOrta's enthusiastic participation signals an exciting future for the fresh produce industry as it responds to evolving consumer preferences.


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