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BerryWorld: 30 Years of Fruitful Innovation and Exciting New Varieties

BerryWorld is marking its 30th anniversary, having evolved from its British beginnings into a global soft fruit enterprise offering proprietary and exclusive genetics, along with growing and packing operations, coupled with their expertise in category management, all aimed at developing consumer markets.

In 2023, Agroberries acquired a minority stake in the company. This year, BerryWorld is introducing four new varieties to the market. Among them is the BerryWorld Ruby raspberry, which was handpicked from the BerryWorld Plus program due to its exceptional picking speed and early yield. Consumers can anticipate its availability in 2024.

Another exciting addition is the BerryWorld Orb blueberry, also hailing from the BerryWorld Plus line. It is set to be released in trial volumes in 2024, with plans to transition into full-scale commercial production by 2025.

From the Beekers breeding program, there is a highly anticipated new strawberry release known as BeeHonest. This June bearer boasts a firm texture and a delightful natural sweetness. The program is a collaborative effort between seasoned grower Wil Beekers, the European CEO of BerryWorld Group, and Dutch breeder Hans de Jongh.

Additionally, the Edward Vinson breeding program brings forth Eves Joy, a strawberry variety known for its consistent size and flavor throughout the extended domestic strawberry season.

Not to be overlooked are Mountain Blue's offerings, including Masena, Eureka Gold, and Eureka Dawn, all contributing to the diverse blueberry selection.

BerryWorld is currently showcasing its innovations at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, located in Hall 3.2, stand B-50. This milestone anniversary reflects BerryWorld's dedication to excellence and its commitment to bringing the finest soft fruits to the global market.


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