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Berryworld x Fareshare partnership hits 1 million meals

Since Berryworld's partnership with Fareshare began, their fruit has helped provide the equivalent of over 1 million healthy meals to those in need. The partnership is supported by FareShare’s network of over 3200 charities and community groups nationwide.

Nottinghamshire-based berry grower Tasker Partnership has been one of the largest fruit contributors to FareShare in 2022, ensuring out of spec berries were not wasted and went instead to support those in need.

Stephen Tasker, Partner of the Tasker Partnership said, “Composting nearly 10% of all the fruit that we have invested time and energy in to grow, is soul destroying. Knowing 100% of all our fruit is eaten makes the effort worthwhile. In any surplus food situation, there are always vulnerable people who would gratefully benefit from it.”

Last year, Berryworld's partnership evolved to incorporate volunteering days at FareShare for their team so that employees could get a better understanding of their wider operations through supporting the teams at depots and kitchens.

Emma Henry, Senior Responsible Sourcing Manager at BerryWorld UK said, “We are extremely proud to have reached this milestone with our growers . It’s great to know that our out of spec fruit has benefited multiple charities and community groups.

"Also, having been able to directly support FareShare this year through volunteering has been great to raise our employees’ awareness on the food waste issue and FareShare’s great work.”


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