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Brazilian Avocado Boom Sends Exports Soaring

Brazil's avocado sector is experiencing meteoric growth, spurred by a surge in demand from domestic consumers and burgeoning international markets like the Netherlands and Argentina.

In 2023, Brazil's avocado exports skyrocketed, more than doubling to 1,090 containers – a figure over five times its 2013 volume, according to industry data compiled by Avobook.

The sharp 2024 export campaign saw substantial volumes shipped to Europe. The Netherlands alone received a staggering 5,011 tonnes of Brazilian avocados in March.

Throughout the year's first quarter, the Netherlands accounted for a massive 40% of Brazil's avocado shipments, says Avobook. Brazil now supplies almost 8% of the total European market.

Avocado cultivation has flourished in Brazil, with acreage expanding by 86% over the last decade to 7,753 hectares, the nation's Ministry of Agriculture reveals.

The crop encompasses a blend of varieties, including Hass, Breda, Fortuna, and Quintal. While Hass enjoys robust international interest, cultivars like Quintal retain strong local appeal within Brazil.

In 2022, Brazil harvested over 338,000 tonnes of avocado, with the state of São Paulo responsible for nearly 50% of the total. The state also dominated exports at a staggering 90%, roughly 784 containers.


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