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Brexit's Lingering Shadow: Navigating the Future of UK's Fresh Produce Supply Chains

At the inaugural session of Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Andrew Morgan, director at Global 78, a logistics consultancy, provided an insightful preview into an upcoming investigation focused on the enduring impact of Brexit on the supply chains of fresh produce.

This research, anticipated to be published later in 2024, aims to furnish strategic decision-makers across the perishable value chain, financial institutions, and policymakers with valuable information to aid in planning and executing strategies for enhancing logistics resilience.

Morgan highlighted the investigation's dual-track approach. The first track will examine the logistics networks across the UK and Ireland's coasts and borders, offering a comprehensive view of various food categories and their logistics networks, with a particular emphasis on RORO ferry traffic.

The second track will delve into specific highly perishable fresh produce categories, such as lettuce, salads, spinach, and berries, to understand their operations within the broader logistics network.

The research, still in its nascent stages, seeks to avoid preconceptions based on existing data or external influences. Initial findings have concentrated on how organisations manage change and uncertainty.

Morgan underscored the importance of predictability in operational planning, noting the challenges posed by governmental policy reversals and the underestimation of the complexities involved in adapting to new logistics requirements.

This investigation is poised to offer critical insights into the post-Brexit landscape for the UK's fresh produce supply chains, highlighting the need for robust logistics strategies in the face of ongoing uncertainty and change.


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