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British Blueberry Boom: Hall Hunter Set for Record Harvest

Berkshire and Surrey-based berry grower, Hall Hunter, is poised to reap the rewards of a bumper blueberry crop this season, expected to yield a record 3,000 tonnes – half of the UK's total output.

The company's sprawling 140-hectare estate across four farms is buzzing with activity, as 5 million bees have diligently pollinated the fruit, plumped by recent warm weather. Managing Director Jim Floor exudes confidence, stating, "We are very confident our 2024 blueberry crop will be the best-ever."

The surge in demand for British blueberries, fuelled by their superior quality and taste compared to imported varieties, has seen the market grow by 30% annually. Hall Hunter plans to capitalise on this trend by opening a new 70-hectare farm in Surrey next year.

"British Blueberries are seen by consumers as a premium product compared to those from other sources – some of which have spent 4-6 weeks in transit," Floor remarks.

Hall Hunter's commitment to innovation extends beyond cultivation. Last summer, the company made headlines with its creative marketing campaign, offering free blueberries and cream to Wimbledon spectators.

This year, 1,200 seasonal workers will be employed to manage the abundant harvest, all recruited through the Seasonal Workers Visa Scheme. "We are really proud of our staff and the facilities we offer them," says Floor, noting that 65% of workers return each year, drawn by the company's generous worker benefits.

The company's substantial investments in cutting-edge technology, including AI-powered grading and packing machines, robotic systems, and high-speed harvesters, further underline their commitment to pushing the boundaries of the industry.

With its focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Hall Hunter is poised to lead the charge in the burgeoning British blueberry market.


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