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Call for more farmers and growers to try new online skills service

Farmers and growers are being encouraged to try out a new online skills and careers service to boost their professional development.

Nearly 250 farmers have signed up for the Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture's (TIAH), which offers tailored advice and tools to support career development.

The service offers opportunities for farmers at every stage in their career, helping review skills, plot training journeys, and record achievements along the way.

The new chief executive of TIAH, Stephen Jacob, said he was very encouraged by the interest in the service since its launch in May.

He said: “Since the test version of the online service went live in May, we’ve been pleased to see increasing interest from farmers and growers.

"We are receiving a wide range of feedback around content and usability which is helping us to develop and refine the service ahead of launching TIAH membership.

"Many users have told us the service is useful in helping them find training and learning opportunities to build their skills, and to record CPD in their own personal hub.”

Farmers and growers have been giving TIAH their thoughts on features including a training providers directory and course finder, as well as resources to help employers and supervisors retain staff.

Farmers and growers have also responded positively to industry and careers information to inform and attract new entrants.

Liz Haines, a tenant dairy farmer in Staffordshire who joined the test site in May, thinks it is a useful resource for the farming industry.

She said: “I've been impressed by the breadth of resources available on the TIAH online service, and it's very handy to have them all gathered together in one place.

"The opportunity to dip into training and other learning materials at our own pace will be invaluable for our staff. I’d urge others to try it out as it offers a range of very helpful resources.”

Looking ahead, Stephen Jacob is optimistic about TIAH’s role in supporting individuals and the wider agriculture and horticulture industry.

"The aim is to ensure the industry’s wide range of exciting careers is recognised by new entrants," he said.

"It also involves supporting agricultural and horticultural businesses to find and retain a workforce with the right numbers and with the right skills."


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