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Celebrating Sweet Success: Clock House Farm Sweeps Awards at National Cherry & Soft Fruit Show!

Clock House Farm has once again demonstrated its success at the National Cherry & Soft Fruit Show by receiving several awards for its raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries.

The farm achieved two 1st prizes in the Supermarket Packs category, earning the Pask Cornish & Smart Cup and the title for Best Exhibit of Raspberries with their Driscoll’s Reyna raspberries. Additionally, they secured 1st prize for blackberries with Driscoll’s Victoria and took 1st position for raspberries in the Primo Cane Variety Class.

In the Supermarket Class, Clock House Farm was awarded 2nd place for One Single Layer Case raspberries, and their strawberries (Driscoll’s Zara) received a Highly Commended recognition. Their blackberries (Driscoll’s Victoria*) also earned a Highly Commended in the Sweeter Eating Variety class. The farm's strawberries (Driscoll’s Zara) attained 3rd place in the Taste of Kent competition.

Judges at the event, which aims to showcase the best soft and stone fruit produced by commercial growers across the UK, commended the farm for its range and high standard of fruit in this year’s show. The event took place on 13th July at Macknade Food Hall in Faversham, Kent.

As a notable highlight, the Show’s organizers decided to send a selection of the award-winning fruit, including Clock House Farm’s Driscoll’s Reyna raspberries, to Buckingham Palace for the King and Queen, and Prince William and Princess Kate's family.

Clock House Farm's Driscoll’s varieties (Reyna, Zara, and Victoria) had previously been awarded a three-star rating at the Super Taste Awards, organized by the International Taste Institute.

Oli Pascall, the managing director of Clock House Farm, expressed his satisfaction with the results, especially considering the challenging commercial conditions of the past year. Pascall attributed the success to the farm's dedication and focus on growing strategies to deliver high-quality produce. He also emphasized their commitment to environmentally-responsible growing conditions.

The farm's previous victories in Best Supermarket Class for Raspberries and Best Supermarket Class for Blackberries at last year's show further solidify their position as a prominent soft fruit producer.

Clock House Farm's success at the National Cherry & Soft Fruit Show highlights their dedication to delivering quality produce to the UK's leading retailers and reinforces their reputation as a reliable player in the industry.


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