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CMA CGM and Maersk team up to speed up shipping industry decarbonisation

CMA CGM and Maersk, two industry leaders in shipping, have announced ambitious Net Zero targets and are heavily investing in the sector's energy transition. They have now decided to collaborate in several areas related to decarbonisation, fully adhering to all legal requirements.

As pioneers in the shipping industry's green transition, both firms believe that collective action will hasten the move towards sustainability, enabling them to learn from each other and progress more quickly.

Setting Net-Zero Targets

Both companies have committed to achieving net-zero emissions in their shipping operations and have already individually embarked on bold initiatives to promote decarbonisation. Maersk has been commissioning ships capable of running on bio/e-methanol, while CMA CGM has been placing orders for vessels powered by LNG, which can also operate on bio/e-methane, as well as bio/e-methanol.

Future Fuel Mix

While bio/e-methanol and bio/e-methane currently appear to be the most mature options, both companies anticipate that other alternative fuels will become part of the shipping industry's future fuel mix.

Collaborative Efforts on Alternative Fuels

Specifically, the two shipping giants will collaborate more closely on developing alternative, more sustainable fuels for container ship propulsion. This includes:

Setting high standards for sustainable, green fuels, including lifecycle and greenhouse gas analysis, and aiding in the mass production of green methane and green methanol.

Establishing and maintaining safety and bunkering standards for green methanol vessels, as well as speeding up port readiness for bio/e-methanol bunkering and supply at key global ports.

Jointly continuing R&D efforts on other net-zero solutions, such as new alternative fuels like ammonia and innovative ship technologies.

Regulatory Engagement

Both companies recognise the essential role of regulation in achieving the sector's decarbonisation and warmly welcome the International Maritime Organization's recent strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships. They remain committed to advocating for ambitious measures at both regional and international levels.

A Milestone Partnership

Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and CEO of CMA CGM, stated, "This partnership marks a significant step towards our industry's decarbonisation. By pooling the expertise of two shipping leaders, we'll speed up the development of new solutions, enabling our sector to meet its CO2 reduction targets."

Vincent Clerc, CEO at A.P. Moller – Maersk, added, "To hasten the green transition in shipping, we need robust involvement from partners across the sector. We're delighted to have CMA CGM as an ally, proving that united efforts lead to a sustainable and optimistic future."


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