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Co-op Champions British Farming with 100% Homegrown Strawberries Initiative

In a pioneering initiative within the supermarket sector, Co-op has committed to exclusively selling British strawberries in its own-brand products as of yesterday, April 23.

This decision marks a significant push towards supporting the national agricultural economy and highlights Co-op's dedication to promoting local produce and sustainable farming practices.

Elizabeth Orme, the fruit buyer at Co-op, emphasized the timing of this shift as heralding the warmer days ahead and an opportunity to enhance the quality of offerings available to consumers.

“We are excited to bring our shoppers the very best of British strawberries earlier in the season," she said. "

By fostering closer ties with British growers, Co-op aims to ensure superior quality in their produce and provide robust support to the local farming communities.

The commitment to 100% British strawberries across all its 2,400 stores and online platforms is part of Co-op’s broader strategy to foster sustainability and community engagement.

By prioritising local suppliers, Co-op helps to reduce transportation distances, thereby lowering carbon emissions and enhancing the freshness of the fruit available to customers.

This move is expected to resonate well with consumers increasingly interested in the provenance of their food and the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions.


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