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Collaborative prospects with the Netherlands for AI-centred agricultural solutions

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agriculture & Controlled Environment Agri Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) with the Netherlands is a funded offering organized by Innovate UK as part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and delivered by Innovate UK EDGE to help innovative UK businesses explore global opportunities to grow and scale.

The GBIP is structured into three-phase, consisting of:

  1. getting ready for the market

  2. visiting the market, and

  3. exploiting the opportunity.

The program is designed to provide market insights, cultural knowledge, and introductions to enable businesses to effectively tailor their solution and access a market via new collaboration and partnership opportunities, which they would find challenging to obtain by themselves.

Each business will have a designated Innovate UK EDGE innovation and growth specialist to provide bespoke wrap-around support for the duration of the program. They will help to maximize the opportunities identified, including developing innovation projects with partners in the territory.

GBIP with the Netherlands – Why participate?

The Netherlands is the world’s second-largest exporter of agricultural goods. The integration of AI in the horticulture industry within the Netherlands has opened the potential to revolutionize farming practices, promoting sustainability, productivity, and resource efficiency.

The Netherlands and the UK share a common vision and collaborate effectively, with robust digital infrastructure and its central location, the Netherlands provides easy access to major European markets, allowing great accessibility to trade and distribution.

This GBIP is part of the BridgeAI program, which seeks to increase the adoption of AI and machine learning solutions in the UK economy. The agri-food sector has been identified as an area with high growth potential that could harness the power of AI to increase business productivity, output, and sustainability.

The market visit will consist of site visits, B2B meetings, networking sessions with potential business partners, and attendance at the AgriFood Innovation Event, exploring the exciting possibilities that emerge within Agriculture and Food.

The program is looking for businesses that focus on delivering AI-centred solutions for the agriculture sector within the following areas:

  • Agriculture

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture (indoor farming)

  • Total Control Environment Agriculture (vertical farming)

  • (sectors that are excluded are satellite imaging, robotics, livestock, and dairy)

In both countries, this sector faces common challenges around the impact of climate change, environmental protection, and the need for increased resource efficiency and transitioning to Net Zero.

The UK and Netherlands have pledged to attain sustainable levels of productivity to fulfill their populations’ nutritional requirements, resulting in unique partnership opportunities.

In 2020, Dutch agricultural exports to the UK had a value of over €8.4 billion, making the UK the third-largest export destination for these products. Coupled with this, the UK and the Netherlands share comparable approaches in the agriculture field, known for their modernized, innovative, and sustainable farming practices.

Click here to watch the briefing session that uncovers the benefits of attending the program.

Who is best suited to participate in the program?

If you are an innovative UK business looking to maximize the opportunities in the Netherlands and explore international partnerships to help you to develop your innovation and bring your ideas to commercialization, then this program is for you.


  • Be registered in the UK.

  • Small or medium-sized business (can have up to 500 employees).

  • High-growth innovative business with ambitions for global growth.

  • Senior decision-makers or the CEO of the company should attend.

Businesses must directly benefit from participation in the program and have the necessary resources to achieve their objectives and articulate their ambition for participation clearly.

Places will be allocated based on those businesses most aligned with this suitability criteria.

Innovate UK is committed to ensuring that anyone from any background has an equal opportunity to be successful. We welcome applications from underrepresented groups and will do our utmost to make reasonable adjustments.

What is the cost?

Innovate UK and Innovate UK EDGE will fund and organize flights, accommodation, in-market travel, and conference fees for successful applicants. They will also pay for any reasonable adjustments throughout the initiative.

Only one representative from each company will be funded. On acceptance of the initiative, a commitment fee of £500 will be obtained from each delegate, which will be refunded on completion of the full activities and agreed action plan. Non-completion after formal acceptance may result in forfeiting some or all the commitment fee.

Click here to read more about the program.


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