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Day 1 at LAMMA 24 Sparks Excitement with Record-Breaking Turnout and Innovations

The inaugural day of LAMMA 2024 at the NEC has set a new attendance record, marking a significant milestone for the event with an unprecedented surge in visitors.

Over 95 new exhibitors joined the vibrant atmosphere, contributing to the diverse and dynamic showcase.

This year's LAMMA also featured the debut of the Farming Simulator League and the Jobs in Agriculture Career Zone, offering a lively platform for industry professionals to connect and explore new opportunities.

Adding to the excitement, the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) was present to announce the launch of FPC FUTURE EXPO 25, an event set to be co-located with LAMMA, further enhancing the scope and appeal of the agricultural sector's offerings.

The exhibition floor was abuzz with over 22,000 attendees from various parts of the country, demonstrating robust support for the agricultural industry.

The enthusiasm and dedication of the visitors were evident as they engaged with the latest launches and experienced top-notch equipment demonstrations.

The presence of FPC and the announcement of FPC FUTURE EXPO 25 added an extra layer of anticipation and opportunity, highlighting the event's role in driving innovation and collaboration within the agricultural community.


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