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Deliveroo's 'Sproutwich' is the Festive Good News we Need Right Now

In a delightful twist on traditional festive fare, Deliveroo has introduced a unique Christmas sandwich that's sure to turn heads. Dubbed the "sproutwich," this sandwich is a celebration of the often-maligned Brussels sprout, presented in a bold, Grinch-green avatar.

It's a culinary adventure featuring sprouts in various forms, accompanied by stuffing, cheese, and a dip in hearty gravy. And, priced at a mere 99p, it's an affordable option for a festive lunch.

The sproutwich, a creation of Deliveroo Editions, showcases an array of sprout-infused ingredients, including a sprout focaccia bread, roasted and fried sprout pieces, marinated sprout leaves, a special sprout-based stuffing, and a unique garlic and sprout mayonnaise.

Despite its sprout-centric theme, the sandwich also features maple-glazed bacon and a generous slice of Emmental cheese, adding layers of flavour.

The texture of the sandwich is soft, with a hint of sprout-like aroma, which is quite pleasing. The roast chicken gravy that accompanies it, though a tad salty, complements the sandwich well, resembling the familiar comfort of traditional gravies.

The limited edition offering is available in London and select cities across Britain from December 6-8. With only 150 available the sproutwich is a rare treat for those looking to add a twist to their holiday meals.


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