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Digital marketplace simplifies grower/buyer transactions

Refresh:Food, a novel digital marketplace, has been launched to bridge the gap between growers with surplus fresh produce and a new network of potential buyers in Australia.

This B2B platform, accessible through a smartphone app, aims to simplify and clarify the produce exchange process.

It's a profit-for-purpose enterprise, where any profits are directed towards initiatives that combat food waste and hunger.

The app facilitates growers in listing excess produce due to various reasons like bumper crops or imperfections, while buyers can find produce with minor flaws, seasonal abundance, or as a supplement to disrupted supply chains.

Payments and logistics are efficiently managed through the app.

The initiative, endorsed by Woolworths Group and Boston Consulting Group, aspires to reduce on-farm food waste and enhance growers' access to diverse buyer networks.

Refresh:Food, functioning independently, also offers an option to donate unsold produce to hunger relief charities, thereby addressing food waste and food insecurity in Australia.

In the evolving landscape of digital marketplaces for fresh produce, the launch of Refresh:Food in Australia mirrors the strides made by FruPro in the UK.

FruPro, established in 2019, has been instrumental in optimizing the fresh produce supply chain, providing an online platform for farmers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, and retailers to connect and trade more efficiently​​.

The digital B2B marketplace serves as a comprehensive solution for the fresh produce sector, enabling direct connections between wholesalers and the broader supply chain, offering access to a diverse and reliable network of suppliers and buyers​​.

FruPro's platform is designed to enhance confidence in buying and selling fruits and vegetables, streamlining the entire supply chain from grower to retailer. It focuses on reducing inefficiencies and food wastage, which aligns with the sustainability goals similar to those of Refresh:Food​​​​.

Furthermore, FruPro centralizes communication between customers, allowing businesses to control all aspects of their operations from one online platform. This approach significantly improves the management of the supply chain, from farm to retailer​​.

The synergy between these platforms highlights a growing trend in the agriculture and horticulture sectors, where digital solutions are increasingly being adopted to address inefficiencies, reduce waste, and enhance the commercial viability of fresh produce.

Refresh:Food's launch and FruPro's established presence in the UK underscore the potential of digital marketplaces in revolutionizing the fresh produce industry.


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