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Editor's View: A True Industry Hero

Now, I may be slightly biased but the fact remains that, in the ever-evolving landscape of British horticulture and agriculture, Nigel Jenney, the Chief Executive of the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) known as the 'Voice of the Fresh Produce Industry', has become nothing short of a hero for the sector.

The recent article entitled "A Thinly Veiled £200 Million Tax on the Industry, Warns Jenney" reveals FPC's clear alarm about substantial additional charges imposed on the fresh produce sector. Jenney asserts, "A thinly veiled £200 million tax on the industry is a grave matter of concern."

The seriousness of these charges is underscored in "£200 Million Impact on Import Costs: Jenney's Fury at Government's BTOM Decision." Here, Jenney's frustration is palpable, as he articulates, "We cannot afford to overlook the detrimental impact of these measures."

Moreover, in "BTOM Bombshell: Government's Risk Reclassification, Severe Blow to Industry, Warns Jenney," he highlights the potential consequences of the government's risk reclassification with a stark warning: "This reclassification poses a severe blow to our industry."

Information compiled and shared by Emma Glanville and Nicola Chessum, FPC

Jenney's leadership style is marked by a proactive and strategic approach, underpinned by unwavering advocacy for the fresh produce sector. His quotes resonate with his commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability within the industry, which he succinctly captures in his recent statement: "We must lead by example and embrace modern farming practices."

And the national media has not overlooked Mr. Jenney's impassioned advocacy.

Interviews with him have been featured on ITV News, BBC Breakfast, Times Radio, and BBC Radio 4, and have garnered significant attention, shining a spotlight on the Brexit Border Control challenges faced by the industry.

But Jenney's influence extends far beyond the corporate sphere, reaching the hearts of farmers and growers who rely on the land to sustain our nation. He has always worked in the fresh produce industry and it is an intrinsic part of his down-to-earth, ethical makeup.

Jenney's tireless endeavours merit recognition of the highest level. The Yorkshire-born and bred traits that make him a steady rock in a tide of uncertainty are both reassuring and impressive. I never fail to be blown-away by the hours he spends and the miles he travels, protecting and advocating for the industry and country he loves.

As we navigate the complexities of post-Brexit agriculture Jenney's work on behalf FPC serves as a testament to the profound impact of leadership and advocacy in nurturing a robust and sustainable agricultural industry for our nation.


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