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Eleven Exciting Pea and Bean Varieties Join the 2024 Descriptive List

Eleven new varieties of peas and beans have been added to the 2024 Descriptive List for Pulses, offering farmers a wider selection of crops to choose from.

This update, announced by the Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO), includes six new varieties of combining peas, four winter bean varieties, and one spring bean variety.

The new combining pea varieties are said to offer improved yields and disease resistance. Among them, three are large blue types, two are marrowfat, and one is a small blue variety.

The winter bean varieties, on the other hand, are noted for their high yield potential and good standing ability. The single new spring bean variety is recognised for its exceptional downy mildew resistance.

Steve Belcher, Principal Technical Officer at PGRO, emphasised the importance of these new additions. He noted that they provide growers with more options to enhance their cropping plans, especially considering the varying needs for disease resistance, yield, and quality.

The Descriptive List is a crucial tool for farmers, offering detailed information on the performance of each variety under UK growing conditions. This includes data on yield, disease resistance, standing ability, and quality traits.

The list is updated annually to reflect the latest advancements in pulse breeding and to ensure that farmers have access to the best possible varieties for their needs.


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