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End of an Era: Leadketty Farm Bows Out After 80 Years Amid Rising Costs and Supermarket Struggles

In the heart of Perthshire, a cherished chapter of agricultural history has come to a close as Leadketty Farm, renowned for its succulent strawberries and a staple of the local community near Dunning, ceased operations after an illustrious 80-year journey.

The farm, a family-run enterprise, has been a beacon of quality and tradition, employing over a hundred individuals during the bustling summer picking seasons.

The Corrigall family, stewards of Leadketty's legacy, made the difficult decision to halt production, citing escalating costs and a lack of support from supermarkets as the primary reasons for their withdrawal from the fruit farming industry.

"Dearest friends, we write this with deep sadness and heavy hearts," expressed the family in a poignant statement shared on social media. They detailed the relentless financial pressures that have rendered their business model unsustainable, lamenting the supermarkets' failure to offer fair returns and necessary support.

The announcement of Leadketty Farm's closure has resonated deeply within the community and among its loyal clientele, sparking a wave of support and condolences.

Patrons reminisced about the unparalleled taste of Leadketty's berries, a summer delight many looked forward to each year. "Sad to hear this. Really were the tastiest berries," commented one supporter, echoing the sentiments of many who have cherished the farm's produce over the decades.

As the Corrigall family bid farewell to a beloved enterprise, they extended their heartfelt gratitude to their staff, customers, and friends who have been part of their journey.

"Our heartfelt thanks go out to all our staff, customers, and friends past and present for their continued support over the years," they stated, marking the end of an era for Leadketty Farm but also a testament to the enduring spirit of community and the challenges faced by local agriculture in contemporary times.


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