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FEPEX ask for guaranteed access to international markets in light of indefinite transport strike

FEPEX, the Spanish federation of associations of producers and exporters of fruits, vegetables, flowers and live plants has asked that free transit and access to national and international markets be guaranteed in the face of the indefinite transport strike announcement, made on Tuesday 8 November.

The strike is stated to begin from midnight on Sunday 13 November.

This month is one of the most important for Spain, with November being key to increased fruit and vegetable activity, selling some 600,000 tons weekly, for a value of 700 million euros.

The commercialization of fresh fruit and vegetables in a single week during November amounts to 600,000 tons, of which two thirds are destined for export.

The weekly value amounts to 700 million euros, so the announcement of indefinite unemployment is a great concern for the entire sector grouped in FEPEX, since they are also extremely perishable products, whose collection or marketing cannot be postponed.

The strike directly affects logistics, with the truck being the main means of transport for 94.1% of the fruit and vegetables exported by Spain.


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