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Florette pioneers green transport with its first electric truck

Agrial Fresh Produce, under the Florette label, has initiated a groundbreaking collaboration with McDonald’s UK and supply chain expert Martin Brower UK to introduce their inaugural all-electric heavy-duty truck (HGV).

The electric vehicle (EV) marks the beginning of Agrial's journey to bolster the presence of electric vehicles in their fleet, with plans to extend as technological advancements permit broader national distribution.

In partnership with Martin Brower UK and McDonald’s, Agrial is set to undertake more eco-friendly ventures. The next phase in their sustainable transport strategy involves transitioning to third-generation engine vehicles that are energy-optimised, aiming for a 13% enhancement in fuel efficiency. This move is projected to curtail the firm's CO2 emissions by 800 tonnes by 2024's close.

Jay Booth, the Chief of Logistics at Agrial Fresh Produce, expressed their dedication to adopting greener alternatives throughout their operations. He emphasised the significance of their maiden electric HGV in their ongoing efforts to champion eco-friendly innovations. He also expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with entities like McDonald’s UK, Martin Brower UK, Volvo, and other partners who resonate with their vision.

In line with their environmental commitments, Agrial Group has unveiled its Climate Strategy, targeting a 50% reduction in direct greenhouse gas emissions and a 35% decrease in their carbon footprint by 2035.


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