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FPC Fresh Produce Hub Showcases Industry-Leading Insights at IFE

British Growers Insights, a featured presence at the FPC Fresh Produce Hub during last week's International Food & Drink Event (IFE) in London, has emerged as a vital source of market intelligence within the UK's fresh and frozen produce sector.

British Growers. Photo: FreshPlaza

The company's meticulous data collection and powerful analysis tools are proving transformative for growers, suppliers, and retailers.

"Our comprehensive data set empowers stakeholders across the supply chain," explains Sam Pope of British Growers Insights. "We meticulously track point-of-sale metrics such as price, promotions, country of origin, and packaging, enabling informed decision-making."

Subscribers gain granular control over the information they receive, with the ability to tailor data streams to specific product categories. "This targeted approach ensures maximum relevance and efficiency," notes Lyndsay Marfleet.

British Growers Insights goes well beyond raw data. Key benefits include:

  • Championing British Produce: Supporting domestic growers by quantifying the presence of British produce on shelves.

  • Fairer Pricing: Historical data provides growers with crucial leverage during price negotiations.

  • Trend Identification: Uncovering patterns in pricing, origin, and more, across a vast time range.

  • Combating Shrinkflation: Monitoring changes in packaging sizes to protect consumers and producers.

The platform's appeal extends to importers, who gain unique visibility into market share dynamics and seasonality. A complimentary two-week trial offers a risk-free exploration of the platform's value.


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