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Fresca Group takes a juicy bite: Amplifying ownership in Thanet Earth salad cultivator

The conglomerate has procured the equity previously owned by their collaborative associates, Rainbow Growers Group UK, the financial details of which remain confidential.

The enterprise will now be known as Thanet Earth Peppers, with Pleun van Malkenhorst continuing in the role of Managing Director.

Fresca's Chief Executive, Martyn Fletcher, commented, “Following the UK’s departure from the EU, the call for domestically cultivated fresh produce has surged, a step towards ensuring the nation’s food self-sufficiency.

"In light of the ongoing environmental challenges and the universal commitment to minimising carbon emissions, our ongoing objective is to augment investments in the eco-friendly cultivation of sheltered crops.”

Chris Mack, the chairperson of Thanet Earth, added, “Wim Grootscholten of Rainbow Growers Group was our initial contact for this ambitious initiative. He promptly discerned the opportunity to establish an expansive, state-of-the-art glasshouse complex on British soil, cultivating a diverse array of produce.

"The inception of Thanet Earth is credited to Wim’s visionary perspective and unwavering commitment over the past decade and a half. Rainbow UK has been instrumental in the escalating prominence of Thanet Earth within the British market over the past seven years. This strategic investment in the enterprise is indeed a significant milestone.”

Grootscholten expressed, “The current moment is opportune to transition the stewardship of our stake in Thanet Earth to our esteemed colleagues at Fresca Group.

"With robust plans for future expansion, I am confident that Fresca will adeptly steer the enterprise, consolidating Thanet Earth’s stature as a premier cultivator of sheltered salad crops in the nation.”


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