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Fresh Awards 'Sustainability Excellence' category to honour industry innovation

In a bid to commend and encourage sustainability practices within the fresh produce and cut flower industries, the prestigious FPC Fresh Awards will honour those businesses demonstrating Sustainability Excellence.

The award recognises best practices and innovative approaches undertaken by companies to enhance sustainability across various sectors. Entrants can choose from three award options: Ethical, Climate, and Supply Chain.

The 'Sustainability Excellence' category acknowledges the multifaceted nature of sustainability and the diverse areas that contribute to it. Participants are evaluated based on their efforts and achievements in addressing crucial sustainability aspects, including water use, chemical use, climate change, energy consumption, transportation, transparency, labour management, and adherence to social standards.

"The Fresh Awards' 'Sustainability Excellence' category will spotlight and celebrate the significant strides made by businesses in improving sustainability within the fresh produce and cut flower sectors," said Emma Glanville, Event and Marketing Manager for FPC. "By acknowledging best practices and innovation, we hope to inspire and motivate industry leaders to further their commitment to sustainable practices."

The Ethical award option focuses on recognising companies that demonstrate ethical practices throughout their operations. This includes responsible sourcing, fair trade policies, and support for local communities.

The Climate award option will honour organisations that actively combat climate change within their operations. Participants will be evaluated on their initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimise their carbon footprint, and implement sustainable practices that contribute to the fight against climate change.

The Supply Chain award option seeks to commend companies that have made significant progress in creating a sustainable supply chain. This involves efforts to improve transparency, reduce waste, enhance traceability, and ensure ethical practices throughout the entire supply chain, from farm to consumer.

The Fresh Awards encourage businesses from the fresh produce and cut flower sectors to evaluate their sustainability initiatives and select the award category that best aligns with their achievements. Participating organizations will have the opportunity to showcase their commitment to sustainability and gain industry-wide recognition for their efforts.

The winners of the 'Sustainability Excellence' category will be announced at the highly anticipated Fresh Awards ceremony on 29 September at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London, where industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders will gather to celebrate the outstanding achievements of companies driving sustainability in the fresh produce and cut flower sectors.

To enter the FPC Fresh Awards 2023 go to:


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