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Fresh Direct Launches New Seasonal Range Focusing on British Produce

Fresh Direct has recently unveiled a new seasonal range, emphasising the finest British produce, just in time for the summer.

Image: Fresh Direct

This initiative is part of their commitment to supporting local farmers and providing customers with the freshest and highest quality produce from across the UK.

Campaign Highlights

Brochure and Website Section:

Fresh Direct has produced a comprehensive brochure detailing their new seasonal offerings. This includes information on the origins of the produce, seasonality, and chef serving suggestions to inspire creative culinary uses.

Additionally, a dedicated section on their website highlights these new products, ensuring easy access to information for customers​.

Supplier Videos:

To bolster this campaign, Fresh Direct has created a series of supplier videos. These videos give a behind-the-scenes look at the farms and producers, showcasing the dedication and passion that goes into growing the produce.

These insights help to build a deeper connection between consumers and the food they enjoy, enhancing trust and appreciation for local agriculture​.

Focus on British Produce

The seasonal range includes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are at their peak in terms of flavour and nutritional value. Highlights from the range include:

Strawberries: Available from early May, British strawberries add a vibrant touch to any summer menu, whether pickled, added to salads, or simply enjoyed with clotted cream​

Asparagus: Sourced from the Wye Valley, the British asparagus season runs from April to June, providing a short but sweet window for this nutritious vegetable​​.

Tomatoes: British-grown tomatoes, known for their exceptional flavour, are available until September, except for cherry tomatoes, which switch to overseas supply in August​​.

Spring Onions: Starting from late March, British spring onions add a crisp, fresh element to many dishes, perfect for both raw and cooked applications​​.

Rhubarb: Transitioning from forced rhubarb in late April, field-grown British rhubarb is available throughout the summer, ideal for desserts and sauces​​.

Supporting British Farmers

Fresh Direct's initiative not only brings high-quality produce to consumers but also supports British farmers by promoting local agriculture.

This is particularly important in the current economic climate, where local sourcing helps reduce carbon footprints and supports the local economy.

Fresh Direct's new seasonal range exemplifies their commitment to providing fresh, high-quality produce while supporting British agriculture. The combination of a detailed brochure, engaging supplier videos, and a dedicated website section ensures that customers are well-informed and inspired to incorporate these seasonal delights into their menus.


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