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FruPro introduces its new financial solution, FruPay

The fresh produce industry has long been a cornerstone of global trade, supplying consumers with a diverse array of high-quality fruits and vegetables. However, within this bustling marketplace, an age-old challenge persists - managing payment processes efficiently and securely. To overcome the industry's financial struggles, FruPro has launched FruPay.

The new solution addresses the pain points experienced by both suppliers and buyers, providing a streamlined and secure platform for financial transactions. By leveraging cutting-edge financial technologies, FruPay offers a host of benefits that empower businesses to overcome the hurdles that have traditionally plagued the industry.

FruPay aims to empower suppliers struggling to manage their cash flow with its new financial solution. FruPay is designed to enable suppliers to receive payments within 48 hours, ensuring prompt and predictable revenue streams.

By eradicating the fear of late payments and default risks, FruPay provides suppliers with newfound financial stability, allowing them to invest in growth opportunities, expand their product range, and strengthen their trade relationships with buyers.

The impact of FruPay extends beyond the suppliers' side. Buyers now have access to secure and efficient payment options, fostering trust and confidence in their trading partners. With the ability to pay on-demand, buyers can access a wider range of produce from diverse suppliers, enhancing their product offerings and meeting consumer demands promptly.

"FruPay represents a paradigm shift in the fresh produce industry, addressing the longstanding pain points that have hindered business growth and stability for years," said Ollie Morley-Fletcher, CEO of FruPro. "We are thrilled to introduce FruPay and pave the way for a more connected, efficient, and resilient fresh produce marketplace."

The closed trial of the financial solution FruPay showed significant results and its transformative impact. One Spanish exporter, utilizing FruPay, seized a surge in demand for blueberries by receiving payments swiftly. This not only solidified trade relationships but also fuelled exports, enhancing the overall supply chain efficiency.

Moreover, a UK strawberry grower received funds within 48 hours through FruPay, enabling them to meet demand and effectively manage their operations, even in times of market volatility.

FruPay is now available to suppliers and European buyers trading in Pound Sterling, and Euros.

To start using FruPay, get in touch with the FruPro team.


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