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Green Gold: Unveiling the Future of Horticulture with Global Investment Insights at I-Grow Webinar

On Tuesday, 16 April, the World Horti Center is set to host the seventh instalment of the I-Grow Inside webinar series.

This session promises to offer an in-depth exploration into the burgeoning interest of foreign investments and private equity within the horticulture sector. With a notable uptick in private investments witnessed over recent years, the webinar aims to dissect the implications of this trend for the industry, highlighting both the potential benefits and the risks involved.

The webinar will feature a panel of seasoned professionals who will share their insights on the allure of horticulture for private investors.

As the global population continues to surge, the challenge of food security becomes ever more pressing. With arable land becoming increasingly scarce, the sector is under pressure to optimise the use of available space.

High-tech greenhouses are touted as a viable solution to this dilemma, with an anticipated global expansion of greenhouse areas by at least 25,000 hectares in the near future. These private investments are not only pivotal for the advancement and professionalisation of companies within the sector but also offer a gateway to other markets, especially when the investment is of foreign origin.

The panel boasts a diverse group of experts, including Maarten Hermus, Senior Zone Manager Horticulture & Food at Innovation Quarter, who has conducted extensive research on (international) debt financing in the sector; Wilco Schoonderbeek, Director of Investments at Horticoop, known for investing in companies such as Blue Radix and Lumiforte; and Franc Bogovic, COO & Vice-Chairman of the executive committee at Finance & Invest Brussels, with a specialisation in investing in start-ups and scale-ups.

The I-Grow Inside webinar series is a cornerstone of the I-Grow Pavilion at the World Horti Center, which serves as a showcase for the latest advancements in high-tech greenhouse cultivation and indoor farming.

The pavilion has become a source of inspiration and insight for a wide audience, from students to presidents, investors to policymakers, highlighting the potential of indoor farming. It represents a collaborative effort among leading companies in the indoor growing sector, aimed at fostering collaboration, idea exchange, and industry growth.

For those interested in attending the webinar or following the live stream, registration is open at The event is scheduled to commence at 14:30 CEST/GMT+2 and is free of charge.


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