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Growing potatoes 'in thin air' could increase profits up to 20 percent

Although potato farming takes place on a vast scale in India, crops often get destroyed by unseasonable rains or drought. To help combat these problems, experts have been focusing on a new method of potato production. Farmers will now be able to grow potatoes ‘in thin air’. Also, this will be less time-consuming and will multiply their profits by up to 20 percent.

These modern techniques are being used for a better production method. Owing to these techniques, farming is no longer dependent on soil; excellent production is now also possible in both air and water. A better illustration of this is hydroponic farming, under which fruits, flowers, and vegetables are cultivated in water without soil.

In India, the Karnal Institute of Potato Technology and the Department of Horticulture have been promoting this technique on large scale. In this method, potato plants are prepared in the nursery and transplanted in an aeroponic unit. It is created from the soil's top layer, where potatoes are grown with the aid of water and nutrients.

Aeroponic farming

The nursery prepares a more sophisticated variety of potato plants before sending them to the gardening section. Following this, the plant’s roots are treated to eliminate the risk of fungus. After that, a raised bed is constructed for the planting of potato plants. By transplanting the plants in the aeroponic unit when they are 10 to 15 days old, more potatoes are produced in less time.

This technique is quite popular in various countries, but the credit for aeroponic farming in India goes to Potato Technology Centre, Shamgarh. This institute has tied up with International Potato Centre. This institute has approved aeroponic farming in India.


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