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Guatemala participates in an Agritech Trade Mission in the UK

The British Government have supported the participation of Guatemala in a 10-day Agritech Trade Mission that took place back in March. The attendees were able to visit several places in the UK where technology for the agricultural sector is being developed and implemented.

Since 2013, the UK has been working in its strategy for agriculture technologies to continue being a world leader in innovation, productivity and sustainability in the agricultural sector. The challenge that farmers in the UK and across the world face is to produce increasing quantities of nutritious and healthy food, while making significant environmental gains including improving soils, saving water and reducing carbon emissions.

A Guatemalan delegate, representative of the Agro Chamber (CAMAGRO), participated in the Mission and was able to see the new developments in science and technology, from robotics to sensors to big data, which are rapidly changing the way farmers are farming and making the balance of productivity and climate change protection a reality.

Agritech is a diverse sector and UK companies continue to grow every day whilst exploring opportunities in other countries, like Guatemala, to share their expertise. The Agritech sector in the UK includes agrimetrics, satellite farm network, precision agriculture and engineering, crop health and soil protection, livestock innovation (productivity, health, welfare and sustainability) and agricultural engineering innovation.

The attendees to the Agritech Trade Mission participated in roundtables to understand the offerings of more than 50 UK companies, more than 20 centres of innovation, farms and universities focused to develop technology for agriculture.

As a result, the UK and Guatemala will continue to explore opportunities for collaboration to further develop the agricultural sector in Guatemala through the implementation of new technologies that not only promote economic and social development, but that are also environmentally sustainable to make better use of available resources.


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