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Haulier Protests Fine Over Migrants Discovery

Northamptonshire-based haulage company EM Rogers has voiced its protest against a fine totalling £66,000 imposed by authorities following the discovery of six migrants within one of its vehicles.

Ed Rogers, the director of EM Rogers situated in Northampton, disclosed that the UK Border Force levied the penalty subsequent to an incident occurring in November.

Previously, Rogers had expressed concerns that the haulage sector could suffer from a shortage of drivers due to such fines.

According to the Home Office, there is a concerning number of inadequately secured vehicles on the roads.

Rogers asserted that hauliers were unfairly targeted and described the situation as victimising "vulnerable lorry drivers", allegedly preyed upon by organised criminal groups.

"Can you imagine having your house broken into at night and then being fined for it?" Rogers rhetorically questioned.

In the specified incident on November 10th, Rogers stated that his company received a fine of £30,000, while the driver of the vehicle was penalised £36,000.

This is not the first time EM Rogers has faced such penalties. In April of the previous year, fines amounting to £15,000 for the company and £9,000 for one of its drivers were imposed after three individuals were discovered during a crossing from Calais to Dover.

Established in 1945, EM Rogers conducts numerous Channel crossings weekly, with purportedly stringent training and auditing processes in place to mitigate risks.

Rogers affirmed that the company conducts quarterly training sessions and undertakes audits of drivers throughout the year to reinforce safety protocols.

Responding to queries, a spokesperson from the Home Office stated, "In the last 12 months, we have strengthened the haulier civil penalty with significantly increased financial penalties to ensure that drivers are taking every reasonable step to deter illegal migration and disrupt people smugglers."

Introduced last year, heightened fines now potentially reach up to £10,000 per clandestine entrant for individuals found transporting illegal migrants, including tourists.


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