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Hertfordshire Grower Celebrates a Decade of Supplying Asparagus to Aldi

Herefordshire-based company Freshfields has reached a significant milestone, celebrating 10 years of supplying high-quality British asparagus to Aldi.

Since 2014, Freshfields has been cultivating asparagus for the UK's fourth-largest supermarket chain, Aldi, producing around two million spears annually.

This family-operated enterprise, with over a century of farming experience in Herefordshire, is committed to delivering top-grade, 100% British asparagus across the nation.

The collaboration with Aldi has facilitated Freshfields in adopting sustainable farming practices, such as bio control and advanced irrigation technologies.

Jack Hawkins, Farm Manager at Freshfields, expressed the company's dedication to high-quality British produce and the value of their partnership with Aldi.

Julie Ashfield, Aldi UK's Managing Director of Buying, also acknowledged the importance of Freshfields to Aldi, emphasizing the supermarket's focus on supporting British suppliers and growers.

In 2023, Aldi increased its spending with British suppliers by £1.3 billion, collaborating with approximately 5,000 UK suppliers.


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