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How were 50,000 meals worth of fruit prevented from going to waste?

The B2B Fresh Produce Marketplace FruPro celebrates a huge fresh produce donation made possible through their platform and are calling for more businesses to join them in the fight against food waste.

Through the joint efforts of Kölla UK, FareShare and FruPro, the UK fresh produce industry witnessed an effective donation campaign in a sector that needs it badly.

FruPro partner Kölla UK was able to donate 21 tonnes of Cat 1 (good quality) Satsuma tangerines, which equated to around 50,000 meal worth of food, with the average 420g per meal. Kölla UK labelled their produce for donation on the FruPro platform and FruPro were able to manage the rest.

Thanks to FareShare, the supplies were distributed to foodbank networks and charity outlets that exist to support those in need. Most individuals who received the fruit were of a low or no-income background, meaning that the impact supported people most vulnerable to food shortages. For more details, read the impact report here.

No fresh produce should end up as waste

FruPro Co-founder and COO Ollie Morley-Fletcher said “We are constantly working to make the supply chain more efficient and urgently trying to reduce food waste.

"Supermarkets already have good connections to food banks and charities, but the rest of the supply chain is missing this link. So, our impact focuses on the whole supply chain.

"Through the FruPro platform, we have given the rest of the players the chance to redistribute produce to those who need it most whilst also giving our users a value for that.

"Collaborating with FareShare, FruPro help businesses quantify their donations. By donating and therefore helping social causes, companies can develop their brand identity to be one with an ethical cause.”

The co-founder continued “It is fantastic to see the donation from Kölla UK and that we are beginning to get momentum with this. As we onboard more companies, and the market liquidity improves we expect to see these donations becoming more habitual and are incredibly excited to be at the forefront of this development.”

Bego Granja Otero, procurement manager of Kolla UK said “The donation to FareShare was very easy and all communication and assistance provided by the FruPro team was very good. FruPro clarified technical issues for us.”

FruPro’s efforts are necessary and open to participation from the industry

FruPro is looking for new ways to reduce food waste, so their platform connects the supply chain to make the outdated fresh produce sector more modern, efficient, and sustainable.

Every business that uses the platform has the choice to easily redistribute food to charities, food banks and communities most in need. This feature comes at no extra cost to businesses who use FruPro.


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