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IA Harris of New Covent Garden Market Revolutionises Business with AI Integration

In the bustling heart of New Covent Garden Market, IA Harris & Sons have long been a staple, known for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. However, as their customer base grew and staff shortages loomed, the company found itself at a critical juncture.

The manual processing of over 200 daily orders from voicemails, emails, and third-party systems was becoming an unsustainable burden, consuming more than 50 hours each week and detracting from valuable customer interactions and business growth opportunities.

Enter Choco AI, a cutting-edge solution that has transformed IA Harris’ operations. The seamless integration of Choco AI into their existing systems has automated the entire order processing workflow, efficiently handling orders from multiple channels directly into their ERP system. This strategic move, implemented over a 30-day period to ensure minimal disruption and a smooth transition for employees, has revolutionised their business.

The impact of Choco AI on IA Harris has been profound. The AI’s ability to reduce manual order processing time to a mere fraction of what it once was has not only eliminated input errors but has also freed up staff to focus on more value-added tasks such as customer engagement, upselling, and marketing. The efficiency gains have allowed IA Harris to maintain their high order volume with the same workforce, significantly boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.

For businesses still entangled in the manual processing of orders through voicemails, emails, WhatsApp, and third-party systems, IA Harris’ success story is a compelling testament to the power of AI. The transformative potential of AI integration cannot be understated.

Interested in learning how Choco AI can streamline your operations and enhance your customer satisfaction? Book a consultation with Roisin today to explore the possibilities for your business.


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