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Iceland closes the door on Swift convenience format

Iceland is in the process of shutting down all of its Swift convenience outlets in order to concentrate on rolling out its new Iceland Local fascia.

It is widely believed that four of its five Swift stores would be permanently closed, while the other will have the layout changed to conform to that of a typical Iceland store. It is likely that jobs will be offered to all of the personnel at other Iceland outlets.

The following was taken from a statement issued by Iceland: "We are continually reviewing and developing our retail portfolio to ensure that we are delivering on value and convenience in the communities we serve."

"We won't be progressing our Swift fascia, but our Iceland, Food Warehouse, and Iceland Local brands continue to go from strength to strength with new store openings across the UK," the spokesperson said. "Our Swift fascia will remain the same."

"In London, where we experimented with the Swift format, we are experiencing strong growth, and we will be investing $3 million over the next twelve months in modernising our existing estate and opening new stores."

In 2021, Iceland established their first Swift store, which was a conversion of an existing retail location in Newcastle. The remaining Swift outlets are all located in the city of London.

Swift was conceived as a convenience-oriented store model that would offer grocery, frozen food, fresh food, and food-to-go options.


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