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Impending Tube Strikes Threaten £50m Blow to London's Hospitality Sector

The upcoming tube strikes in London, scheduled to begin on the evening of Sunday, 7 January, and continue until the morning of Friday, 12 January, are expected to significantly impact the hospitality industry.

UKHospitality has issued a warning that the sector could face losses amounting to as much as £50 million due to the industrial action. During this period, minimal to no services are anticipated on the London Underground.

Kate Nicholls, the Chief Executive of UKHospitality, expressed concern over the financial implications of the strikes, stating, "We estimate that the impact to the sector from next week's tube strike could be up to £50m."

She highlighted the additional strain this places on the industry, which has already endured a loss of £4 billion in sales over the past 18 months due to ongoing transport strikes.

Nicholls emphasised the timing of the strikes, noting that January is typically a quieter trading month for hospitality businesses, where every sale is crucial. The disruption caused by the strikes is set to make the start of the year even more challenging for the sector. She called for urgent action, urging all parties involved to come together and find a resolution to end the long-standing disruptions.

Transport for London (TfL) is currently engaged in discussions with the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT). Mick Lynch, the General Secretary of RMT, has stated that tube workers will not accept substandard offers regarding pay and conditions.

This statement comes in the wake of the RMT union's decision in November 2023 to extend its strike mandate on the London Underground for an additional six months.


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