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Increased interest in seasonal produce following fruit and veg shortages

According to a new poll conducted by Ocado, more than two thirds of British citizens, or 70%, are interested in increasing the amount of seasonal food they consume this year as a direct response to recent UK fruit and vegetable shortages.

Nevertheless, in spite of this substantial increase in interest, 47% of respondents stated that they are unaware of the times of year when different types of produce are available in the UK and elsewhere.

As a direct consequence of this, fewer than one in five people in the UK today base their grocery shopping on what is in season.

According to the findings of a survey conducted by a grocery store that operates solely online, the vast majority of customers have the erroneous impression that the majority of fruits and vegetables are cultivated during the summer.

The research conducted by Ocado, highlights that 39% of people erroneously regarded plums to be a summer fruit, while almost a third of people thought that rocket, pomegranates, and rhubarb were all grown during the warmer months.

Martha Springham, the trading manager for produce at Ocado Retail, stated that eating food that is in season "has many benefits." She also stated that this is the reason why Ocado promote a new range of fruit and vegetables that are in season each month through their "In Season" lane.

"The aisle offers customers high quality, great value produce along with advice on how to get the most out of them in the kitchen. Furthermore, because our products don't hang around on a shelf for a long time, fresh produce could still be on the tree or in the ground when our customers add it to their basket."

As of right now, the 'In Season' aisle at Ocado contains products such as rocket, radish, rhubarb and blueberries for the month of April.


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