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Interko Advances Sustainable Ripening Room

Interko, a global frontrunner in designing, manufacturing, and installing advanced fresh fruit ripening rooms, has announced significant enhancements to its flagship Ultimo ripening room.

These advancements reinforce Ultimo's position as the most energy-efficient ripening solution in the world and extend its functionality to include pre-cooling of fruit.

The company's engineering team has successfully reduced the energy consumption of Ultimo rooms by an additional 20%, following the introduction of the second generation of its exclusive Reverso reversible fans. Furthermore, modifications to Ultimo's design and technology now allow the room to be utilised for pre-cooling fruit.

Chris Maat, Managing Director/Partner at Interko, emphasised the importance of energy efficiency in the current global energy climate. "Energy efficiency remains a number one goal for fruit ripeners given the ongoing pressure on global energy prices. In response, we have re-engineered our Reverso fan technology, so these fans use even less electricity than before.

"This reduces daily running costs by 20 per cent, as reported by our customers and confirmed by third-party testing,” Maat explained.

He further added, “Also, our upgraded Reverso fans can now automatically detect reduced loads of fruit within the ripening room. This means that individual fans can be switched off, and, crucially, this will not impact on the airflow to the remaining boxes of fruit.

"In short, ripeners now have more flexibility and even lower energy consumption which will help to reduce bills considerably.”

Maat also highlighted the adaptation of Ultimo's technologies for a new market. “What’s more, our world-class engineers have cleverly adapted Ultimo’s technologies to open this room to an entirely new market – for pre-cooling fruits including bananas, avocados, mangoes, and citrus. And thanks to our energy-saving fans, our rooms offer much more efficiency and better fruit quality compared with other pre-cooling systems available.”


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