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Irish farmers to receive payments for unharvested crops

The targeted scheme to compensate growers for unharvested crops will be at a rate of €1,000 per hectare.

An additional €7.1m in state funding to support the tillage sector has been announced.

This additional national support is being made available from the €8m once-off Ukraine-related funding provided in Budget 2024 for the tillage sector.

It represents a 100% top-up to the €7.1m allocated under the EU Agricultural Reserve which was announced in early October.

The decision to supplement the EU Agricultural Reserve allocation was taken because of the difficulties experienced by tillage growers in the 2023 harvest.

"In light of the significant challenges being faced by the tillage sector in 2023, I have approved an additional allocation of €7.1m which will provide critical support for this important sector," Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue said.

"The additional funding will be used for a targeted scheme to support tillage growers who were unable to harvest cereal crops due to wet weather in September and October.

"The funding will also provide for an increased payment per hectare to eligible growers on top of the payment that I announced under the EU Agricultural Reserve in October."


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