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Kaleb Cooper of 'Clarkson's Farm' Launches £3,000 Bursary to Support Aspiring Agricultural Students

Kaleb Cooper, the 24-year-old farming contractor who gained fame on the television series "Clarkson's Farm," has initiated a £3,000 bursary to assist students at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) in pursuing agricultural careers.

Cooper, who has been involved in farming since his school days, expressed his commitment to helping young people enter the industry. The bursary will annually provide £3,000 to support students exploring various agricultural paths, including the opportunity for work placements with Cooper or his industry partners.

Cooper, playing a key advisory role to Jeremy Clarkson in the Prime Video series, launched the bursary at the university in Cirencester, stating, "Farming is who I am. Encouraging the younger generation into agriculture has always been so important to me."

He emphasised that the bursary aims to support students keen on agricultural careers or those struggling to enter farming.

Caitlin Oxton, a 20-year-old student of Live Farm Management at RAU, who developed an interest in agriculture during college despite not having a farming background, welcomed the bursary as a significant opportunity for individuals like her.

Caitlyn Bartlett, another student at the university, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the bursary as a "brilliant opportunity" that could open many doors in the future.

The bursary is available to RAU undergraduate students from the UK, with the first recipient expected to receive their award in early 2024.

The initiative reflects Cooper's dedication to creating opportunities for young people in the agricultural sector and his belief in the importance of educating the younger generation about the origins of their food.


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