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Landworkers’ Alliance Unveils Top Five Demands for Incoming UK Government

With the UK general election set for 4 July 2024, the Landworkers’ Alliance (LWA) has put forward a set of critical demands aimed at transforming the nation’s agricultural landscape and ensuring food security.

These demands call for a shift towards sustainable farming practices, support for new farmers, and a commitment to local food procurement.

1. Double the Agriculture Budget

The LWA is urging the new government to double the budget for agriculture. This increase in funding is vital for supporting sustainable farming practices that are environmentally friendly. The additional resources would enable farmers to adopt regenerative techniques, improve soil health, and enhance biodiversity, all of which are crucial for long-term food security and climate resilience.

2. Capital Grants for Horticulture Start-Ups

To reduce the UK's dependence on imported fruits and vegetables, the LWA demands the establishment of capital grants for new horticultural enterprises. These grants would provide the necessary financial support for start-ups, encouraging the growth of domestic horticulture and ensuring a more self-reliant food system. By investing in local produce, the UK can boost its food sovereignty and create more local jobs.

3. New Entrants Support Scheme

Access to land remains a significant barrier for aspiring farmers. The LWA is calling for a comprehensive New Entrants Support Scheme designed to facilitate easier access to land for new farmers. This scheme would include measures such as land matching services, financial assistance, and mentorship programs. By supporting new entrants, the government can ensure the sustainability of the farming sector and encourage a new generation of farmers.

4. Green Economy Apprenticeship Scheme

To build a workforce skilled in sustainable farming practices, the LWA proposes the creation of a Green Economy Apprenticeship Scheme. This initiative would offer training and apprenticeships in regenerative agriculture, agroecology, and other green farming methods. Such a scheme would not only provide valuable skills to young people but also promote environmental stewardship within the agricultural sector.

5. Local Procurement of Public Food

The LWA demands that at least 50% of food purchased by public institutions be sourced locally and organically. This measure aims to support local farmers, reduce food miles, and promote healthier, organic diets. Schools, hospitals, and other public institutions would benefit from fresh, locally sourced produce, while simultaneously supporting the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint associated with food transportation.

These demands reflect the LWA’s commitment to creating a resilient, sustainable, and fair food system in the UK. As the election approaches, the LWA is calling on all political parties to prioritise these issues and ensure that the future government takes decisive action to support the agricultural sector and secure the nation's food future.


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