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Lettus Grow Unveils Exclusive Global Partnership Programme to Scale Benefits of Aeroponics Worldwide

LettUs Grow, the innovative leader in advanced aeroponic technology, has today announced a partnership programme for its advanced aeroponic technology, to promote geographical expansion and enhance the global reach of their cutting-edge ultrasonic aeroponic technology.  


The programme allows supply-chain and delivery partners within the greenhouse and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry to licence LettUs Grow’s state-of-the-art Aeroponic Rolling Bench™️ technology. Through this programme, LettUs Grow empowers licence partners to effortlessly incorporate the advantages of advanced aeroponics into their existing product portfolio, streamlining customer deployments and maximising benefits for their clients.


This strategic move from LettUs Grow comes as a response to the overwhelming demand for their cutting-edge aeroponic solutions from around the world. It will enable the company to better meet the demands of partners on multiple continents, following an increasing number of enquiries - particularly from Europe, the United States, and the Middle East - for multi-hectare aeroponic greenhouse and vertical farm projects.


With their order book already at full capacity for 2024, LettUs Grow is now building an enhanced network of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) partners for high-tech horticultural project deliveries. This ensures the widespread and timely availability of its aeroponic technology in the most impactful geographies. The company is already engaged in discussions with numerous EPC partners to forge strategic alliances that will drive geographic expansion and maximise the global impact of their advanced ultrasonic aeroponic technology.


LettUs Grow’s advanced aeroponic technology has been shown to significantly increase plant growth rates over industry standard hydroponics in real world scenarios at both Wageningen’s world-leading greenhouse R&D facilities and in recent trials with CHAP at their Vertical Farming Development Centre.These trials have validated the technology’s performance in situ and showcased its yield enhancement capabilities. Because the Aeroponic Rolling Bench product is highly adaptable, it is suitable for both greenhouses and vertical farms and can be delivered as either a retrofitted upgrade or as part of a new build to ensure maximum productivity and to minimise environmental impact. 


By offering bespoke licences for the Aeroponic Rolling Bench technology to partners up and down the supply chain, reflects a commitment from LettUs Grow to working with the best-in-class industry partners, meeting the growing demand for sustainable production systems and delivering efficiently at scale. 


Although LettUs Grow’s technology has mainly focused on improving leafy green and herb production, the effectiveness of their ultrasonic aeroponic technology has been demonstrated in propagation of tomatoes, strawberries, and tree whips for fruiting, biomass and forestry.


"This is an exciting time for LettUs Grow. The new aeroponic partnership programme will allow us to reach new geographies and expand our positive impact. The decision to licence our technology to EPC partners is a strategic move to ensure we can meet the growing demand efficiently and maintain our commitment to excellence, and I welcome interested potential partners to reach out directly to me," said Nick Green, Chief Commercial Officer at LettUs Grow.


LettUs Grow's aeroponic technology is ready for deployment, and licensing agreements with EPC partners will enable the company to reach a broader audience. The move also allows LettUs Grow to concentrate on innovation and design, ensuring they continue to provide cutting-edge solutions to the global agricultural industry.


The development of enabling technology such as this is critical for improving the operational and resource efficiencies of production and unlocking sustainable sector growth within CEA. We are delighted to have been able to support LettUs Grow to validate their Aeroponic Rolling Bench, a product with considerable global potential." said Harry Langford, Innovation Network Lead at Crop Health and Protection Limited (CHAP). 


Following positive progress at this year's Fruit Logistica, LettUs Grow will be releasing updates about the programme throughout the year at key events such as AgraME in Dubai and GreenTech in the Netherlands, which it will be cycling to for the third year in a row. With only a limited number of initial licences available, interested parties are encouraged to engage with LettUs Grow representatives at these events to avoid missing out. 


For further information on LettUs Grow's licensing initiative or to inquire about potential partnerships, please contact:


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